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A sincere thank you for all your assistance. This trap is exactly what I
needed. It took a few attempts to find the right place to set it, the lure
cards are an excellent idea. The first night the trap was set, we humanely
killed 4 rats. I cannot believe how efficient it is and I will be
recommending it to anyone who cares for the local wildlife. 

Awesome product. Rats started falling on the first day of use. They love the chocolate bait that comes with the product. 100% hit/kill rate thus far.
Great service and all added extras were suggested as I explained our scenario.
Thank you SATS

This product is simply phenomenal and we have been using it since our days in retail! we all know just how bad rodent problems can be and this amazing product really does the trick! simple to use and no mess or fuss! it's also really humane and safe for all other pets! 10 out of 10 I wouldn't use another product again after this! well done on such an amazing idea team!

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