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Starter Trap Kit

Starter Trap Kit

R2 316,00Price

1 x A24 trap with baffle
2 x CO2 canister 16g
1 x Lure basket
1 x Quick Start Guide Global - Starter Trap Kit


    The Goodnature Starter Trap Kit is a toxin-free trap that controls rats and mice quickly and painlessly. After the trap goes off, rodents do not get trapped, and the trap automatically resets itself 24 times. This allows you to catch multiple rats or mice without having to reset the trap. If the trap is set outside, the carcass can be safely eaten by another (wild) animal.

    The kit includes a holder for attaching to a tree, wall or other standing object. In addition, the kit includes an extra CO2 cartridge and a tray where you can add your own bait. You place this tray on top of the trap itself.

    • Poison-free trap that quickly and painlessly combats rats and mice
    • Resets automatically 24x via CO2 cartridge
    • Safe for pets and children
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Self baits in tray

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