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A24 Smart Trap Kit

A24 Smart Trap Kit

R3 345,00Price

The A24 Trap Kit with Smart Shroud Cap has everything you need to confidently and efficiently control rats or mice, plus the Smart Shroud Cap, an accessory which shares trap data (kill numbers, date, time and environmental conditions) with your smartphone.


    The Smart Trapping Kit starts with the incredible Goodnature® A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. The A24 is a unique Rat & Mouse Trap that automatically resets, uses a toxin-free chocolate bio-attractant paste and is a certified humane trapping unit.

    The A24 isn't powered by electricity nor does it have to be reset after every strike. The A24 trap is powered by a CO2 canister that provides 24 strikes per cartridge. Once your trap is armed it will automatically reset after each strike, meaning no more need to check your traps every day!

    Like all great traps, it all starts with the paste. The A24 is no different — that's why we've included the Automatic Paste Pump (ALP) to ensure that your trap stays appealing to mice and rats for up to 6 months at a time. The ALP works by slowly releasing our chocolate formula paste, making sure your trapping area is always fresh and attractive to your rodent pests. The paste is toxin-free meaning you don't have to worry about secondary poisoning and long-lasting giving you constant control for months at a time.

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